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Hotel Paradiso

Where it all began. Our neighbours - the luxury hotel ruin Paradiso del Cevedale

An eyesore according to some, an architectural jewel according to others. We say: the Paradiso is something very special. In the 1930s, Italian star architect and designer Gio Ponti created a monument to himself just here around the corner. A building that has provoked discussion ever since. In the 1930s, the Paradiso was by far the best hotel around: Back then, who else could offer an in-house hairdressing salon, a bakery, a post office, a butcher's shop and even a heated ski changing room for guests. If something wasn't there, Ponti simply designed it: For example, he had a small lake created, for an evening stroll along its banks or a row on the water. Without the hotel, our Schönblick would not exist. Our grandparents met there. Luise worked in the laundry, Albert was a ski instructor. An encounter that led them to build Schönblick 30 years later, when the hotel had long closed. Join us in discovering this long forgotten place and let yourself be drawn into the spell by the history of the old hotel ruins - just a 10 minute walk from Schönblick. Curious? Download the PDF to find out more about our neighbours.

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